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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I receive for my property?
Almost every seller asks us this question. The price we pay for your property will depend on many variables. A few of the most important factors are the size and location of the parcel and the distance to utilities. Many times, sellers have not seen their property for many years, so it is necessary for us to do extensive research before making an offer to purchase it. This may extend the amount of time you have to wait for an offer, but it could also increase the offer significantly if your parcel has specific features.


How long will it take to sell my property to Land Research Foundation?
Contact us to request an offer and we will send it out to you in about a week. After we mail the offer to you and you accept it, we order a copy of the deed where you took title to the property. This takes approximately four weeks, but if you can provide us with a copy of the deed we will be able to send you your paperwork in just a few days. We send you check just a few days after recieving the signed and notorized deed back from you.


Why did I receive a letter in the mail from Land Research Foundation?
We purchase frequently in areas where the economy is extremely depressed. Often, the area has not grown or changed in 30-50 years, and we are buying property from private parties who are tired of paying property taxes on a parcel which is not appreciating.


What costs are involved in selling my property to Land Research Foundation?
YOU PAY NO COSTS OR FEES WHATSOEVER for selling your land to us. We pay all of the fees, costs and expenses for the transfer of title.


Who does Land Research Foundation usually buy land from?
We buy land from private parties. Many of the sellers we buy from have owned their parcels for many years. Frequently, the land no longer holds the same promise it once did. Sometimes the seller's plans have changed, and the property is no longer something they wish to own.


What does Land Research Foundation do with the land they buy?
We hold our properties as long-term investments. We purchase properties in non-populated areas, and hold them until they appreciate. We do not develop or improve the properties while we are holding them.


What is happening in the areas that Land Research Foundation buys land?
Nothing. There is no growth, or very little growth in the areas where we buy land. This is why we're purchasing in these areas.


What if one or more of the owners of the property are deceased? Will you still buy my property from me?
We will look closely at your situation if one or all of the owners of the property have passed away. It is possible we will still be able to purchase the land. If that is the case we'll prepare all of the paperwork for you. There are no extra fees or costs for you.


What if I don't have my original deed?
No problem. You don't need your original deed to sell your property, as long as the deed was recorded with the County Clerk when you purchased the land.


What if I owe money on the property?
If you owe money on the property we will need to look carefully at your individual situation. Be sure to mention this to us, either on the online form, or when you call us, so we can do the extra research necessary on your parcel.


I have never seen the land I own. Will Land Research Foundation still buy it from me?
Yes, we'll buy your land whether or not you have ever seen it.


I inherited the property. Will Land Research Foundation still buy the land from me?
Yes, we will purchase the land from you if you inherited it. We'll prepare all of the paperwork for you. There are no extra fees or costs for you.


My land is in a very remote, undesirable area. Will Land Research Foundation sill buy the land from me?
Yes, we will buy your land even if it is in a very remote area. Buying parcels in remote or hard to locate areas is common for us.


Does Land Research Foundation buy land with improvements such as homes, office buildings or trailer houses?
No, we do not buy properties with improvements such as houses, trailer houses, manufactured homes, office buildings or warehouses. We only buy vacant land. However, if your land has a small shed, cabin, or other small improvement, we may still purchase it from you.


What parts of the Country does Land Research Foundation buy land?
We purchase land all parts of the United States.


What sizes of properties does Land Research Foundation purchase?
We purchase land of all sizes, ranging from small lots to parcels of over 100 acres.


Will the sale be closed in escrow?
No, we do not close our purchases in escrow. We purchase so many parcels each month, that the cost of closing in escrow would be extremely high. In addition, we want the sale to be convenient for you. By handling the closing ourselves, we save you time and are able to make you a higher offer.


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