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What are the benefits of selling your land?

Benefit #1: Cash At Closing
You'll receive cash in exchange for your property. We won't ask you to take a note or monthly payments. We'll pay you in cash, and we'll pay you the full sale price at closing.

Benefit #2: You Don't Pay Any Fees
We know you're selling your property to get cash, so we don't expect you to pay any costs or fees in order to sell your land. We'll pay all of the cost and fees associated with the sale/purchase. Just in case you're wondering, the costs can add up pretty fast. Consider this list of fees we'll be paying:
Closing Costs - Paid by us
Escrow Fees - Paid by us
Title Research - Paid by us
Notary Fees - Paid by us
Recording Costs - Paid by us
Real Estate Fees - Paid by us

Benefit #3: Fast Closing
We don't close in escrow, and we don't use title companies, so we can purchase your property very quickly. Usually, there are very few delays, and we can close with you within six weeks.

Benefit #4: It's Easy To Sell Your Land To Us
We make it easy for you. When you fill out the online form or call us, we'll look at your property and mail an offer to you. Then, you simply sign the offer and mail it back. When we receive it, we'll mail you a deed to have signed and notarized. Send this back and we will mail you your check within a few days.

Benefit #5: You Don't Have To Pay Any More Property Taxes
Not only will we put cash in your pocket when you sell to us, but we'll be responsible for the property taxes... even if you have back taxes now, we'll pay them. And from now on, instead of having to pay those property taxes each year, you can use your hard earned cash on something important to you.

Benefit #6: You Don't Have To Deal With Realtors
When you sell your land to us, you won't have to deal with Realtors, lengthy paperwork, going back and forth with offers and counter-offers, playing phone tag and faxing paperwork. We won't ask you to dig through your records trying to find a scrap of missing paperwork. We do all the leg work, and we handle all of the details for you. All you have to do is sign the Deed and collect your check.

Benefit #7: You May Be Able To Take A Tax Deductible Loss
Many of the properties we purchase are in remote areas. Many years ago, when these properties were offered to the general public, most of the buyers who purchased these parcels paid a high price for them. Now, years later, it is clear that those areas have not developed like they were expected to, so the property values are much lower than even 30 years ago. If this is the case with your property, you understand why our offer to you may be lower than the price you paid for the property. But don't despair. You may still be able to deduct the loss you take on the property against your income... giving you a loss on your Federal and State Income Taxes. Be sure to consult your tax advisor for more details.

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