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Welcome to the Land Research Foundation

We have been buying land since 1997. Our goal is to purchase your property for a fair price and then hold the land as a long-term investment. Our investment strategy is to purchase land now, and then wait for the property to appreciate. Much of the land we buy is in remote, unpopulated areas of the United States.

When you sell your land to us, you'll receive a fast closing and we pay cash for all of the properties we purchase. We'll never ask you to hold paper or take payments for your property.

Many property owners purchased land, long ago, with a specific purpose for the property, perhaps to build a home, use it for camping, or to retire on the property. Now, years later, their plans have changed and they no longer have a reason to own the land. We purchase many properties from sellers in this situation.

We also purchase properties from people who, when they purchased the property, were told that their land was in the path of progress and growth. Looking back, many of these sellers have told us that the area did not grow and prosper. Instead, the area now looks just as it did 30 years ago when they bought the property. This is a very common situation. Of course, some property owners are simply tired of paying taxes, year after year, on a parcel of land which they know they will never do anything with.

We also buy many properties from sellers who have decided to stop paying their property taxes. They have a few years of back taxes owing, they have no intention of paying the taxes or trying to keep the property, and we will purchase their land from them. Obviously, they're happy to have cash in exchange for their land, because they no longer want to own it anyway.

If you look at nothing else while you're visiting our site, be sure to visit the Benefits Page, and then see the Sell Your Land page, where you may complete a quick, easy form. After you've completed the form, we'll take a look at your land and send an offer to you within a few days.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions.


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Stephen Seal

Stephen has an extensive background in real estate.  From vacant land and residential homes to commercial properties, apartment buildings and property management.  A former Realtor and Property Manager, he has been the featured speaker at several real estate conferences and routinely speaks on various real estate topics.  He is also a paid real estate consultant with clients in Oregon, Washington, California, Texas, Arizona, Kansas and Minnesota.